Past Issues

Volume 31

An Introduction to Desire
Timo Airaksinen
Pages 447-461

Plato and the Causes of Excess
Anissa Castel-Bouchouchi
Pages 463-478

Hobbes on Desire and Happiness
Luc Foisneau
Pages 479-489

Desire and Hazard from Hobbes to Barbeyrac
Catalin Avramescu
Pages 491-511

Bradley, Desire, and the Self
Dina Babushkina
Pages 513-530

Mapping Love, Death, Lust, and Trust
Leonidas Donskis
Pages 531-559

Desire for Conformity
Heta Aleksandra Gylling
Pages 561-580

Culturally Motivated Actions and the Desire to Control
Annamari Vitikainen
Pages 581-596

There Are No Desires in Economics
Manfred J. Holler
Pages 597-616

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