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Volume 30

A Recursive Value for n -Person Cooperative Games
Hannu Salonen
Pages 411

Quantitative Evaluation of Veto Power
Vito Fragnelli and Michela Chessa
Pages 419-434

Homo Oeconomicus in Ancient Athens: Silver Bonanza and the Choice to Build a Navy
George Tridimas
Pages 435-458

Introduction: Symposium on Freedom, Responsibility, and Science
Juha Räikkä
Pages 459-460

Freedom, Responsibility, and Science
Thomas Magnell
Pages 461

A “Dangerous Idea” – Taking Seriously Thomas Magnell’s Injunction to Direct Thought to Thought
Lydia Amir
Pages 475-479

The Clever, the Stupid and the Ugly: Some Dangers of Cognitive Enhancement
Harald Stelzer
Pages 481-487

"She Blinded Me with Science:"1 Green Luddite Reflections on "Freedom, Responsibility, and Science"
Daniel Mishori
Pages 489-495

On Scenarios and Knowledge Promotion
Juha Räikkä and Marko Ahteensuu
Pages 497-504

Science and Morality
Ian M. Church
Pages 505-509

The Concept of Bigotry in the Study of Freedom, Responsibility and Science
David E. Hojman
Pages 510-518

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