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Volume 31

Hyman Minsky, Hegel and the Ethics of the Job Guarantee
David Merrill
Pages 11-28

The Right to a Workplace
Wolfgang Weigel
Pages 29-39

Between the Stability of Employment and Market Flexibility: Employment Relations in the Post-bubble Japanese Economy
Mariusz K. Krawczyk
Pages 41-73

Can Liberal Egalitarianism Justify a Basic Income?
David Sherman
Pages 77-108

Does Basic Income Have to Justify Capitalism? A Critique of Philippe Van Parijs' View of Society
Christoph Henning
Pages 109-124

Capitalism, Unemployment, and Basic Income
Ulrich Steinvorth
Pages 125-143

Basic Income for All: Unaffordable Dream or Real Option for a Civil Society?
Peter Ulrich
Pages 147-157

Economic Security in the Twenty-First Century: How Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) Confronts Multiple Imperatives
Richard Pereira
Pages 159-179

Basic Income in Mixed Economies
Richard Sturn
Pages 181-199

Should Income Grants in Poor Countries be Conditional or Unconditional?
Rigmar Osterkamp
Pages 203-224

Paid Basic Income, Fertility rates and Economic Growth
Elise S. Brezis
Pages 255-244

Can Financing of Unconditional Income Grants Increase Wage Gaps?
Martin Leroch
Pages 245-255

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